How to play Blackjack – A simple guide for beginners

Blackjack is a game to get a total of 21 in your cards or nearest value to 21 which can increase your chances to win. Number 21 is called blackjack. We always notice people who come in casinos and don’t know what Blackjack actually is and how to play it. So, here is a simple guide for beginners.

  • Value of cards

Cards of 1 to 10 have their own face values. Queen, jack and king values are 10 for each. Value of ace can be either 1 or 11; it depends on player’s favor.

  • Rules

The simple rule of the game is you will have two cards in the beginning; you will need to check their values accordingly. If it is near 21 or it’s 21 than your chances to win is higher. But if total of your cards is more than 21 than you are busted from that round. And yeah, keep it in mind that here in blackjack you are playing with a dealer.

  • Terms to know
  • Hit

Hit means you are not satisfied with the cards that you have and you want one more card to play.

  • Stand

Stand means you are satisfied with the cards that you have and you want to play without any new card.

  • Doubling

Doubling means you want to play ahead and need one more card where you can bet the original amount again that you bet on first bet.

  • Split

Split means you want to make your two individual hands to play, means both hands cards will have their own values of cards.

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